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Whether your office space spans the entire floor in a Downtown Edmonton high-rise, or it’s just you and a couple of employees in a plaza near Sprucewoods or Nexus… renovating your office is a major project. Proper planning will save you a lot of money, which in turn, will fuel the growth of your business.

To make the most out of this remodel, Reface Magic spoke to contractors as well as office managers to gather the best tips for your office renovation.


Your employees will like speaking to you about the possible changes to come. They’ll appreciate the heads up, and like knowing you value their input. Most importantly, they could offer great insight into the flow of foot traffic around the office, possibly improving productivity. Reface Magic’s goal is to make this renovation as smooth as possible for everyone in the office, which is why we like to hear from everyone.  


Deciding on a budget can sometimes be as hard as the renovation itself, especially if you need several people to agree and signoff. One of the best pieces of advice to offer here is to pad your numbers for flexibility and unexpected issues. Some people pad their numbers by rounding up, ie: if you’re quoted $1,845 dollars to install new laminate flooring you round up to $2,000. Others simply like to add 10% on top of each quote for service, furniture, or technology.


Don’t just think about color and décor; function and workflow should be your priority. If your vision clashes with the current layout, more extensive renovations may be needed. Speaking to professionals who specialize in office renovations will help you decide if this size of renovation is worth it. The experts at Reface Magic are happy to help you plan your renovation, our experience has allowed us to help many Edmonton businesses grow.


Will your company be making any changes or expansions in the next 5-10 years? The larger/more expensive the renovation, the more long-term projecting you’ll need to do. If you plan to hire more staff, you’ll want to ensure you have adequate space for them. Will you be shifting or expanding into new industries? If so, specialized spaces may be required. Your senior management team should be in complete agreement on how to make the changes you will be needing.


Going green is important to many businesses and is just as important to Reface Magic. Reusing as much as possible is not only cost-effective, it should be apart of your corporate responsibility. There are many ways you can ensure this renovation is neutral-beneficial for the environment such as: using recycled materials, LED light fixtures, and smart technology to save energy. The most important question to ask yourself is: how would your customers/shareholders feel about the decisions you’re making during this renovation.


Before starting on any renovation project, whether it’s for home or the office, you need to ensure you’ve obtained proper permits. In some cases, especially small renovations, permits aren’t required. But if you’re dealing with adding an addition or outbuilding, doing any plumbing, even putting up a fence, you’ll need a permit. Your contractor may obtain permits for you, be sure to clearly discuss this during your consultation, and don’t be afraid to ask to see them. You may also obtain the permits on your own, either way, it’s good to know that permits can take up to several weeks and passing inspection could take longer.


Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the time or manpower to coordinate the office renovation themselves. But you should take the time to interview several companies, checking reviews, etc. Working with a local company that’s experienced in commercial renovations will bring peace of mind to the whole management team. It’ll also take a lot of the stress out of the actual renovation, working around your individual needs and schedule. Talk to Reface Magic about how we can renovate your office with as little impact as possible to your staff.

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