These days, when planning a renovation, there’s more to think about than your wants and your budget.

There’s a lot to consider when planning a renovation. We usually start by daydreaming about how we want our space to look. Then we take our budget into consideration and finally start pricing out the materials as well as any labour that might be involved.


Recently, however, more and more homeowners are becoming concerned about the impact their renovation will have on our environment. It’s wonderful to see people trying to reduce their carbon footprint during their reno and fortunately, there are many decisions we can make to ensure an eco-friendly renovation.



When you paint your cupboard doors, there is always a chance the paint will crack over time. This is because wood is an organic substance that expands and contracts when humidity levels rise and drop. This movement can cause paint to eventually crack. Although, it’s not the most durable solution, a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update your home. Paints used to be full of volatile organic compounds (VOC), many still are, but there are also low and zero VOC paints available now. These paints are considered safer because they don’t off-gas as much. Not only will your lungs and sinuses notice the difference, but the environment will as well. It’s important to remember that paint takes at least 30 days to fully cure.



Bamboo is easier and faster to grow than other hardwoods. Pesticides aren’t needed either which is incredibly beneficial for our environment. Additionally, bamboo plants reduce the carbon dioxide in our air by approximately 35% and if grown in water the plant devours nitrogen, decreasing water pollution. The best part is how versatile and beautiful bamboo can be. Furniture and flooring options are easy to find from vendors in the Edmonton area. Once installed, you’re likely to be impressed by the durability bamboo offers.



This addition to your home is likely to be the most expensive part of a renovation, but is definitely worth it. The electricity we store and use from solar panels is clean and won’t leave behind any harmful by-products for the environment. Not only will you feel better about the energy you use, but it starts saving money from your utility bills. Plus, the panels add value to your home!



Investing in energy efficient appliances not only benefits the environment, but your bank account too. They use less water and less energy, but produce the same quality results.


If energy efficient appliances are too much for the budget right now, consider buying previously used appliances. This also keeps your carbon footprint low.



You can significantly reduce how much water your household uses by installing low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and faucets. Not only will your water bill be lower, but your electricity bill as well; having less water to heat takes less energy.



Refacing cabinets allows you to reuse the cabinet box but replace your doors and drawer fronts with a new colour and style[PK1] .This reduces emissions from not having to produce new boxes. Be sure to reface your cabinets with a company that utilizes high-density fiberboard(HDF). HDF is an engineered wood product composed of wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood waste, formed by glue under immense pressure and heat. HDF won’t shrink or crack, it is also highly resistant to swelling. These don’t release as much CO2 as other materials when they’re constructed.


When HDF is used for your new cabinet doors, you can count on them to be durable and long lasting; another reason they’re eco-friendly. HDF is also biodegradable, so years later when you or the next homeowner renovate again, they won’t spend decades sitting in a landfill, they eventually break down, returning to the earth.


Whether you’re a do it yourselfer or working with a team, Reface Magic can help get your renovation started on the right eco-friendly foot. Tell us about your project, we’d love to help.  

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