Make the most out of redesigning your kitchen with new storage and design options available.

Renovations can be expensive and extensive, as well as tough on a family to live through. By the end though, when you’re back to normal, living in your beautiful renovation, it’s worth it. Finding a way to make your space work for you, within your budget, is crucial. This article explores why cabinet refacing might be the answer you’re looking for.



Cabinet refacing is the installation of new doors and drawer fronts on existing kitchen cabinets. The exterior of the cabinet boxes are also covered to match the new doors. The new cabinet doors Reface Magic builds are made out of a¾” High Density Fiberboard, covered with a durable, low maintenance vinyl.


Reface Magic likes to take this one step further by also offering installation on new drawer boxes, slide outs, and organizers to increase your kitchen's functionality.


The best part is the amount of time needed. Once the kitchen has been designed, the materials are custom made for your kitchen, which usually takes 6-8 weeks. The actual installation of your refaced cabinets is usually only 1-4 days depending on the size of your kitchen. Many people appreciate how short and clean the transformation process is…especially compared to a full kitchen renovation and installation.



It’s easy to get caught up in the many beautiful kitchen pictures available online (we have some amazing before and after’s here, that you’d probably enjoy checking out). Don’t let those pretty pictures distract you from function. The functionality of your kitchen is what matters the most when you’re using it.


Be sure to discuss any current functional flaws with your design team. We love to solve problems just as much as we love to make old kitchens new again.



There are so many shapes, styles, sizes and materials for cabinet hardware now. This is a great way for homeowners to really customize their kitchen, without risking its resale value. If you’re upgrading your kitchen to sell your home, you can choose cabinet styles that most homeowners will like and let your personality shine through the hardware.



Drawers are especially great for utensils, food wrap and storage containers, spices, anything small. Of course, we can’t forget the common junk drawer.


Installing drawers where a cabinet used to be can really help you make the most out of your storage space. Drawer dividers are also a great way to separate small items so your eyes can spot them much quicker.  



If you have beautiful dishes, glassware, or a gorgeous set of serving bowls or teacups, consider removing the door to the cabinet all together. This creates depth in your kitchen and adds a bit of life or personality. Since Reface Magic can reface the entire cabinet, this is a unique way to show off the work that’s been done.



Cabinet door rods can be found in most home décor stores. Attach them to the inside of the door to hang potholders, spice bags, etc. You can also install a rack for your lids, this way you can stack your pots and pans better and not worry about the lids getting in the way.

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