Whether you’re doing some minor updates on your bathroom, or a complete remodel, you’re going to require a needs assessment, budget, a plan, and a lot of ideas for creating your ideal space.

Your bathroom has the potential for greatness. It’s an intimate space where we can pamper ourselves, get ready for the day, or relax after work in a bubble bath. Even with limited space or budget, you can still turn your bathroom into a functional and elegant space. This article will explore ideas for your bathroom redesign.



First consider who uses the bathroom and how often. Focusing on how the space is used can help you prioritize what it needs. A large soaker tub vs double vanity, for example.


For some, they’re not building their dream bathroom; instead, they’re upgrading its features to help sell the home. If this is the case, then you’ll want to ensure the needs of the general population over your own.



Many people feel setting the budget is the least enjoyable part of the renovation process, yet it’s so important. After doing a needs assessment with your family, you’re able to decipher needs vs wants. This helps you prioritize once the budget is set. Simply looking at your bank account isn’t usually enough information for a solid budget though.


Start by researching the costs of vanity’s, tubs, tile, etc. If you’re not a DIYer then you’ll want to include labour from plumbers, electricians, and other trades. It’s important to have an idea of costs before setting the budget, to help keep your budget realistic.


Other factors to take into consideration are your age and how long you plan to be in the home. Bathroom renovations often see an 80%-90% return on investment, this can inspire homeowners who know they’re selling in the next five years to spend a little more. In comparison, if you plan to spend the rest of your retired years in the house, many seniors choose a more extensive remodel, so they don’t have to go through any more renovations down the road.


Finally, when it comes to setting the budget, it’s ideal to play it safe by adding some padding. Simply allowing 10% for unexpected expenses can take a lot of the stress away from renovations big and small.



The start of all remodels usually consists of a lot of daydreaming, or browsing the web for inspiration pics. Somewhere in between creating the budget and making the plan, you’ve probably started to focus your wants and needs, but it’s still difficult to bring it all together. These proven tips will help ensure you get the practical and attractive space you’re looking for:


In large bathrooms the shower or tub are sometimes the focal point, but in most bathrooms the spotlight is on the vanity. Choose a vanity that makes a statement. Natural stone is a great way to do that, and is in demand here in Edmonton. Stone counters in the bathroom are often cheaper than the kitchen. This is because kitchen counters need to stand up against chopping, and other distress from food prep and clean-up, so they’re a thicker cut.  


Whether it’s towels, curling irons, prescriptions, or sunscreen; keeping what you need handy will save you a lot of stress down the road. If your current setup is working for you, just a little outdated, see this as an opportunity to save some time and money. Simply refacing your current cabinets is cost effective, eco-friendly, and easier on the family.


A rainfall shower head can really heighten your shower experience. Hardware on the cabinets and sink stand out, leaving a lasting impression on guests. Just as light fixtures draw attention as well. It’s amazing how much the little things work together to complete the room



Speaking with vendors, contractors, and tradesmen can help you lock down a plan. They’ll confirm with you how long each project will take, and advise the order in which to do the work. Your needs assessment will determine the extent of the renovations, including any demolition. Just like padding your budget for the unknown, it’s useful to give yourself and your team some extra time.


Aside from planning the actual remodel, you’ll want to plan your life around the renovation. Will you need to shower at your in-laws for two weeks? If you work remotely, will you need a quiet place to escape to, to get your work done? These are all valuable considerations for your plan.

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