When it comes to choosing between refacing your kitchen or renovation there’s a lot to take into consideration including budget and design. Learn more!

Renovations are costly and extensive. They can also be tough on a family to live through. Sometimes, however, a full renovation is worth it. You need to find a way to make your space work for you, within your budget. This article focuses on refacing vs a full renovation, specifically to find out what’s best for you.



Using your kitchen as an example, refacing is the installation of new door and drawer fronts to your existing cabinets. The new door fronts are customized to your current cabinet boxes for a seamless transition. A business specializing in refacing, such as Reface Magic can also install new drawer boxes, slide outs, and organizers to increase your kitchen’s Refacing is a popular choice for many homeowners, because:

-         THE CABINETS ARE IN GOOD CONDITION. It’s astounding how much perfectly good material is taken to the dump, just because homeowners didn’t know there was another option. Refacing is not only easier on your wallet, but on our environment too.

-         THEY CAN’T AFFORD A FULL RENO. HomeAdvisor.com tells us the average kitchen remodel is $25,442… or $150 per square foot.

-         THE OUTDATED KITCHEN IS LOWERING YOURHOMES VALUE. The average kitchen renovation sees a 70%-80% R.O.I. If you’re planning on selling anytime soon, refacing is a great option.



Sticking to our kitchen example, it may be necessary to do a complete renovation. The job could be as extensive as knocking down a wall to create a more open layout, installing new cabinet boxes, and building a brand-new island.


An electrician may need to be involved if you’re adding more outlets or moving appliances. If you’re adding a fridge with an ice machine, then a plumber will need to run a waterline.


When it comes to cabinets and counters your choice is limited to hiring a professional to design, measure, and build the cabinets, or you can take the DIY path, purchasing the cabinets at a big box store. If you decide todo-it-yourself, you’ll need to start by measuring the space and choosing the cabinets from the sizes they have available. Instructions for installation are included in the box, most handy-men feel it’s a moderately extensive process to properly install and level the cabinets.


Laminate countertops can be purchased at big box stores as well, but it takes a much more skilled professional with proper tools to install one. If there’s cutting, seams or corners involved it becomes even more complicated. Stone counters are too heavy and difficult for most homeowners or trades to install on their own.  



Unfortunately, when it comes to decisions like this, budget often trumps design. A contractor should be able to give you an approximate quote on a full renovation, you can also get a free reliable quote from Reface Magic to reface the cabinets instead.


If you’re happy with your current kitchen layout, even Mike Holmes recommends refacing instead of a full reno. Look at it this way, the money you save can be put towards updating your bathroom next.

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